Tie, Untie and Lock

MultiCinches are the best for keeping cords and cables organized, hoses neat and heavier items secure. They're easy to undo and easy to lock to keep things cinched.



MultiCinches can fix your ducts, replace a broken handle and more, all without additional tools. When you're done, MultiCinches are easy to undo and repurpose.


Stay Organized

Keep all your cords sorted, untangled and ready for use. Small MultiCinches are perfect for securing the cords, accessories and tools that clutter up your bags and purses.



Don't limit yourself to bundling and wrapping. The MultiCinch can do so much more!


MultiCinch™ to organize, repair, connect and build. The unique patent-pending design makes this stretchy and strong tool ready for anything life throws at you.

Share the MultiCinch with your friends! The bigger the success, the more everyone gets. 

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Multiple Loops

Every MultiCinch can make loops by itself; no buckles, no clasps or attachments. 

MultiCinches can be looped multiple times and bundle multiple things so just one gets the job done. 


Three Sizes

The MultiCinch's unique design scales in size. So the same easy-to-use tool works on small, medium, and large problems. There's a MultiCinch for every challenge.


MultiCinches are the best for creative ideas that save you time. Spring load a tool, create a spool for twine, and thousands more ideas. You'll never stop thinking of new ways to use them.


Checkout our YouTube page for great videos and uses for MultiCinches.