Features and Uses

The MultiCinch was designed to hack, fix, build and solve all the little problems life throws at you. MultiCinches are fun and easy to use, so you will never stop thinking of new ways to use them.


Tie down bags, cords and satchels with a simple over under twist. MultiCinches can be your third hand, keeping things in place quickly and easily.

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Cinch just about anything by sliding either end of a MultiCinch through any hole to make a secure loop that cinches down securely, but can be undone quickly.


Build a handle for your skis or add traction to your shoes. The possibilities are endless.


Lock your loops with a simple loop lock. They'll stay secure until you're ready to MultiCinch™ somewhere else.

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Hang your stuff and keep it organized and ready for when you need it.

MultiCinch™ and make multiple loops. Just one gets the job done.


Attach a MultiCinch to your cords, straps and ropes. It will be there when you need it, but never in the way.

Fidget with them and you won't want to put them down.

Bundle your cords. MultiCinches are reusable so they're perfect for things you want to keep organized, but use all the time.