What are MUT Bands?

MUT Bands are open ended elastomers with a unique (and patent pending) ability to connect to themselves (and other MUT Bands and MUTDUTs), all made with high grade plastics and polymers in many different durometers…

In other words they’re More Useful Than rubber bands and More Useful Than bungee cords. We’ve made them a hundred times as useful so they do a hundred times as much, get used a hundred times as often and, because they’re made of better materials, last a hundred times as long.

More Useful Than Rubber Bands

Rubber BandsMUT Bands
Can only be used to bundle thingsCan bundle, secure, connect, organize and even build structures (with the stiffer models)
Break easily, made of cheap latexAre made of high end santoprene, TPU and silicone
Close endedOpen and closed ended if you connect them, your choice.
Can not be unknottedHave Braid-Lock technology, so connecting and disconnecting them is easy.
Not designed to connect to anythingDesigned from the ground up to connect to almost everything, especially other MUT Bands and MUTDUTs.
Same strechinessCome in all types, depending on your application.
No system or standardsColor coordinated by stiffness; red is very stretchy, violet is stiff, green is in the middle. Same order as the rainbow.

More Useful Than Bungee Cords

Bungee CordsMUT Bands
Are Ultra Dangerous!No metal parts make them safer. If you need a hook you can just slide a carabineer in the last hole.
Can only be connected by latching the hooks together, a dangerous and insecure practiceUses Braid-Lock technology to stay secured.
Cannot be made to breakaway safelyA single weave is designed to breakaway under pressure. Two or more stays securely locked.
Have only one connection pointHave many connection points so you can connect to other MUT Bands, carabineers, etc.
Metal ends dig into whatever you are securing: scratches paint on your truck, frays the coating of wires, and worse.MUT Bands are soft and friendly to surfaces and users.

More Useful Than Cable Ties

Cable TiesMUT Bands
Can only be used once (and are usually not recyclable)MUT Bands can be used and reused hundreds of times
Can not adjust tightness, go too far and you can't go back.Uses elastic materials to gently encompass cables, so it automatically adjusts if you "flake out" some line or remove some cable.
Have no "give", pulling on the cable can damage the cable.Will give a bit without damaging whatever it is securing.
Difficult to remove (requires a tool, may damage cable in process)MUT Bands are easy to remove with just your hands.
Removing Christmas lights is a choreTriple secure the ends of MUT Bands and single secure in the middle, and you can undo your decorations in seconds by undulating the lights.
Stiffness makes wrapping around an item difficult to thread and secure with one handYou can choose a stiffness ideal for the task, and much easier to thread.
"Head' of cable tie has sharp edges, digs into the uses and whatever it is securing.MUT Bands have no sharp edges.

More Useful Than Rope and Cords

Ropes and CordsMUT Bands
Splicing requires experience, lots of time, and a special tool, a Fid.Braid-Lock technology means never needing to splice
Better know your knots! Bowline, double figure 8, Englishman's loop, clove hitch, half hitch, truckers hitch, at a minimum…Braid-Lock technology means never needing to know a single knot. 3 year olds can use them.
Don’t you love trying to undo a tight knot?Braid-Lock technology means never needing to undo a knot again
Don’t you love trying to untangle rope?MUT bands are much easier to store and keep untangled. You don’t even need to coil them.

More Useful Than Tie Downs

Tie DownsMUT Bands
ExpensiveMany MUT Bands are less expensive than a tie down of equivalent length (But not strength, Tie downs are stronger
Loose ends flap in the wind, get tangled or snagged easilyIt's easy to secure MUT Bands loose ends.
Metal ends dig into whatever you are securing: scratches paint on your truck, frays the coating of wires, and worse.MUT Bands are soft and friendly to surfaces and users.
Are not corrosion resistant, especially in seawater or wet conditionsMUT Bands are completely corrosion resistant in all types of water, resistant to most types of chemicals as well.
Absorb water, a bucket full of them gets heavy quicklyMUT Bands are light weight, wet or dry.

How do you connect a MUT Band?

Squeeze the ball, force it though another hole and release. The ball will expand back to it’s original size and shape. The security of the hold comes from the Briad-Lock technology of our patent pending design. The Braid-Lock makes it easy to thread a MUT Band at a right angle, but creates incredible tension at all other angles, keeping the MUT Band secure.

  • One braid will break away with a right angle tug
  • Two braids will break away with great stress, and
  • Three braids will only break away with a stress near that or exceeding the breaking point of the MUT Band itself (like splicing a line or webbing through a buckle, it takes multiple weaves to create a strong connection)

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