It all started when...

I looked at a bucket of Lego.

I needed a mount for an old webcam and ran into the eternal problem. The webcam was functional, but old, so it wasn't worth spending money on a purpose built mount and it wasn't worth the time it would take me to build my own mount in my shop. Life is full of these little problems.

I looked at my kids Lego. Fast to build with? Check. Cost effective? Check. Durable enough for real work? If only...

MUTDUTs are like Lego for adults. But they're easier to use, more versatile and built to do real work. They're tools, not just toys.

I spent most of my career in software making every application, database, operating system, et cetera fully compatible. We all know the frustration of having one app not work with another, but in the physical world, it happens all the time. Look around you; almost nothing you see is designed to adhere or integrate with anything else, much less everything else. But what if it did?

What if there were a set of tools that allow anyone to connect anything, instantly? What if they were so well designed you could use them upside down and backwards, any size, any angle? And how would you do it?
The secret, that took us years to perfect, is androgyny. Most everything; nuts and bolts, Velcro, even Lego, has a male and a female, and that is the flaw. Because now the male must fit into the female, and only at that size, type, angle etc. But with an androgynous tool, there is no male, no female. Everything fits into everything, and by extension, everything else.

The standardized uniform component is the DUT, a sphere-cylinder combination that can fit inside itself (in the case of elastomers, like the MultiCinch) and as ball joints, in the case of other clips and clamps soon to be released.

So now you can connect everything, and build anything. Instantly and effortlessly. Strong and secure. No planning, no measuring.

What will you build?

-Scott, President and Founder